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Friday, October 16th 2020

7:30 PM

Let There Be Light

According to the laws of thermodynamics-energy cannot be created (Hence: God always is "I AM") or destroyed (Hence: why we must exist somewhere within eternity- Ecclesiastes 3:11 living bible when we "put off these vessels of clay"...options given are hell or heaven-eternal destinations)..
So when we get into FAITH account of creation found in Genesis 1:4 touching on the divide of light from the darkness...the answer for the CARNAL mind is: Electromagnetic spectrum...
Which will lead us into Energy Conversion: Exhibit A: The ability of satan to transform into an angel of light (2nd Corinthians 11:14) after-all he WAS as “Lucifer,” the light-bringer- -(I'll touch on that in an upcoming video....just note he-(Lucifer) has been demoted (satan) when being god-2nd Corinthians 4:4 wasn't enough-Isaiah 14:14...the same rebellion working in humans- Psalm 82:6; who deny GOD while claiming to be God)..confusing being god with being God...not one & the same..
Converted energy (from the original position of electron given to visible light by photons-Electromagnetic radiation)...into creation..LET THERE BE LIGHT!
The type of (infrared) radiation humans give off-arguably
"Radiant Zinc" at the moment of conception,-(after-all we are made in the image of God-Genesis 1:27 who is LIGHT -1st John 1:5-James 1:17)...
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Friday, August 14th 2020

10:00 PM


Speak to me that which unheard (Matthew 13:17)
Riddle me with wisdom that is unknown (Psalm 78:2)
Just speak and it shall be (Matthew 8:8)
Language of the King (Genesis 1-3)
What shall I say? (James 3:8)
Let me speak (Ephesians 4:29)
Silent! (Isaiah 53:7)
Language of the King (John 12:49)
Thy lips (Proverbs 18:21) pour out life (John 19:30)
Untangle my tongue (Exodus 4:10)
Set it on fire and let me speak (Acts 2:3)
Language of the King (Acts 2:4)
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Saturday, August 8th 2020

3:00 AM

Go Fish

I'm not a fishermen
Still caught a Big Fish (Matthew 4:19)
Did it catch me? (Jonah 1:17)
Let me go fish (Jonah 2:10)
On the right (John 21:6)
On the right (Matthew 25:33 & 34)
I see a GREAT fish (Luke 22:69)
Prepare to eat (John 21:1-14)
Now I AM hungry (Matthew 5:6)
Let me go fish (Mark 16:15)
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Sunday, August 2nd 2020

1:00 PM

With me

YOU don't talk
But I hear YOU (1st Kings 19:11-13)
YOUR hands never touch
But I feel YOU (Acts 17:27)
YOU are with me
But I don't see YOU (Psalm 34:8)
Where are YOUR arms
That lifts me up (Isaiah 53:1)?
And YOUR legs when walking
YOU are with me (Micah 6:8)?
I forsaken YOU many times
But YOU still here (Psalm 139:8)
Why? (Deuteronomy 31:6,Hebrews 13:5)
Spirits come and go
Yet YOU remain (Isaiah 40:28-31)
With me (Matthew 1:23)?
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Wednesday, July 29th 2020

10:00 AM

I AM here

I stand a knocking
But you don't let ME in
Is this door made of steel (Jeremiah 17:1)?
Bang Bang Bang
Why don't you let ME in?
Is the house full (Matthew 12:43-45)?
Or there's no room at the inn (Luke 2:7)?
For I stand a knocking (Revelation 3:20)
But you don't let ME in
Am I early (2nd Corinthians 6:2)?
Will you be late (Luke 12:20)?
I'll wait (Isaiah 30:18)
Knocking for you to let me in (John 10:9)
But the door is made of steel
For you don't seem to know (Exodus 3:13)
I AM! (Exodus 3:14)
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Saturday, July 25th 2020

5:00 PM


I wonder where this path leads (Proverbs 3:6)I wonder where the soul goesAm I lost?Where does it end?I wonder where this path goes (Isaiah 40:3)The road ahead looks kinda longWide or Narrow (Matthew 7:13)I go aloneWhere does it end?What compass guide to light the way (Psalm 119:105)I wonder where the soul goesMy soul Am I lost (Lamentations 3:54)? I wonder!

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Monday, July 20th 2020

8:00 AM


The mornings awaken me to your call (Psalm 59:16)
The sounds of life once again (Psalm 27:13)
The day is far spent with less morning light (Psalms 130:6)
The trumpet blast to quicken the spirit from it's deepest slumber (Psalm 121:4)
The morning at dawn (Psalm 119:147)
The time for sleep has end for the night approaches (Psalm 119:148)
All Rise For Judgment (Psalm 119:149)
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Wednesday, July 15th 2020

11:41 PM


My soul waits for you (Psalm 27:14)
Oh LOVE of my life (Matthew 22:37)
Knit my soul to thee (1st Samuel 18:1)
How long (Matthew 24:36)
Will you never show up? (Matthew 24:48)
Love LOVE (1 John 4:8)
But never been in it (John 14:20)
I search for my soul-mate (Matthew 7:7)
But He found me (Luke 19:10)
Waiting (Luke 21:19)
For the love of my life (Isaiah 38:17)
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Saturday, July 4th 2020

4:10 PM

Termites and Noah's ark

My answer to termites on Noah's ark. Dormancy or torpor is a scientific possibility for nearly all groups of animals. Most animals have the ability to hibernate/aestivate..in such a state termites couldn't do any damage.

On another note..The animals were in pairs..so it would have only been two termites-which is impossible for them to do any real damage to ark of said size in the time-frame they were on board. A king and queen termite are responsible for fertility; they aren't the ones who typically destroy wood..the worker & soldier termites do it for them.

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Saturday, July 4th 2020

3:30 PM

Penguins and Noah's ark

In a nutshell:
The scriptures are very clear; that there were two of each "kind"
And there are several species within the penguin family

FACT: Not all penguins live exclusively in cold environments..In fact MOST do not live in Antarctica.

No need to touch on the genetic adaptation.

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